Sample Questions

These sample questions are from the Global Awareness Profile (2009). Questions are updated regularly. The GAPtest presents 126 questions based on common knowledge in six geographic regions (Asia, Africa, North America, South America, the Middle East and Europe) and six subject areas (environment, politics, geography, religion, socio-economics and culture).

1. The seasonal wind that typically brings heavy rainfall to South Asia is known as
A. tsunami
B. typhoon
C. hurricane
D. monsoon

2. The “copperbelt” is a mineral-rich region that spans this south-central Africa country.
A. Namibia
B. Botswana
C. Zambia
D. Zimbabwe

3. Much of the prime farmland in the United States is being lost to
A. pests
B. illegal immigrants
C. cattle pastures
D. creeping suburbanization

4. In which country can the largest tract of rainforest be found?
A. Colombia
B. Peru
C. Brazil
D. Ecuador

5. What strategic waterway between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman is used to transport as
much as 25% of the world’s oil outside the Middle East region?
A. The Arabian (Persian) Gulf
B. The Suez Canal
C. The Gulf of Aqaba
D. The Strait of Hormuz

6. Eastern Europe has faced a grave air pollution problem because of the abundance and low cost
of which these fuels?
A. Natural gas
B. Coal
C. Uranium
D. Oil

7. What is the world’s largest spectator sport?
A. Basketball
B. Baseball
C. Football
D. Soccer

8. The Pacific Rim is often call the “Ring of Fire” because of
A. many active volcanoes
B. nuclear testing
C. ethnic fighting
D. capitalist expansion

9. Which country in Africa produces the most oil on the continent and is the world’s 12th largest oil
A. South Africa
B. North Africa
C. Mauritius
D. Nigeria

10. Next to China, which country is the world’s leading producer of “greenhouse gases” that
contribute to the depletion of ozone layers?
A. United States
B. Mexico
C. Canada
D. Russia


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